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silvia segura

Voice, Electric Bass

FPU PhD researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

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Born in Sabadell, Silvia Segura completed her Professional Degree studies in piano and classical guitar at the Conservatory of the same city and, later, in electric guitar, in the Modern Music Classroom of the Liceu Conservatory. During this stage, she began to study the bass in a self-taught way.

A strong teaching vocation led her to develop her professional career mainly in this field, working as a teacher of piano, guitar, instrumental ensemble, solfeggio, and classical and modern harmony at the Si Fa Sol School of Music and at the En Tempo Music Classroom, also from Sabadell.

With a restless spirit and the will to learn as much as possible about music, in 2014 she began her studies in Musicology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona where, in 2018, she graduated with the Honor Award.


She then studied the Master's Degree in Musicology, Musical Education and Interpretation of Ancient Music, obtaining the qualification of Honors. Her academic career continues in obtaining a FPU Scholarship to carry out doctoral studies, with the thesis Evocative Sounds of the zeitgeist of the eighties. An approach to the processes of musical production and reception in pop. Her interest in the study of 'popular music' and musical semiotics has materialized in the publication of several articles on these topics during the last four years.

Currently, she continues with her doctoral studies, while she continues to work as a self-employed teacher. At the same time, she is starting a personal project in the form of a folk music trio.
Passionate about the music of Mike Oldfield since her childhood, she resumes her long-awaited facet as an instrumentalist as a member of the Opus One project.


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