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Tote Martínez

Electric guitar, electric bass, double bass

Electric guitar and bass teacher at the Conservatori de Música dels Pirineus (Puigcerdà)

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Born in Puigcerdà, he immediately began to feel strongly attracted to music. At the age of twelve he made his composition debut, still at the piano, strongly influenced by the great instrumental works of master Mike Oldfield. At the age of fifteen, he began in the world of classical guitar, first, after electric bass, shortly after forming part of various groups of heterogeneous styles (Jazz: Què Toquen Band, Jazz Do It; Pop-Rock: Euterpe, Bluebell, Sol de Plata, Traditional: Slainte; Electronic: A la otra Banda), recording albums with some of them and giving numerous concerts throughout Catalonia, the south of France and the Principality of Andorra.

He received classes from different teachers (guitar: Paco Salas, Aníbal Martínez, Vicenç Solsona, Jordi Farrés, Ángel Ferrer, Gnaposs; bass: Jordi Ruíz, Charlie Moreno; double bass: Miguel Ángel Cordero; mandolin: Toni Xuclà, Alfons Rojo; Combo / theoretical : Joan Monné, Santiago Galán, David Pastor, Jordi Gaspar, and a long etcetera) until obtaining a higher degree in Music at the ESEM Taller de Músics de Barcelona.


He obtained the outstanding in the Master's Degree in Musical Composition with New Technologies from the International University of La Rioja.


He has worked as a studio musician for various commercials and films, such as Petit Indi, A Perfect Day to Fly or La vida libre, by Marc Recha.


He is currently preparing a new recording assault with his most personal project, Llunari.

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