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xavier rocosa

Flutes, Percussion

Transverse flute teacher at the EMM "Lluís Soler i Ametller" in Corbera de Llobregat.


Born in Barcelona but rooted in Baix Llobregat, he began his musical training at the Julià Canals Municipal School in Molins de Rei and a professional degree at the Badalona Professional Music Conservatory. He is a Higher Professor of Transverse Flute at the Barcelona Higher Conservatory of Music, obtaining Honors.

He has received master classes from flutists Willy Freivogel, Magdalena Martínez, Emilio Galante, Peter Bacchus, Luc Urbain and chamber music from the Moscow Virtuosi group, etc.

As an instrumentalist, his career includes collaboration and participation in various music groups with Mediterranean roots and with room for musical improvisation. He is currently a member of Old Folcs (traditional European music) and Tribéricus (traditional music from the Iberian Peninsula), and previously of La Portátil FM (traditional Catalan music), Vradiaki (Greek music), Quintet Fibonacci and also with Jarabe de caña and in its beginnings with El Sac de Gemecs.

During these stages he has participated in many concerts and festivals such as the Ireland-Catalonia Festival (Sitges), Traditional and Popular Music Cycle Tradicionarius (Barcelona), Traditional Root Shows Fair (Manresa), Pirineos Sur Festival (Aragon), Mediterranean Renunts . Adge (France), Festival of Ethnic and Contemporary Acoustic Music of Trento (Italy), etc. Also at events such as the Closing of the 92 Paralympic Games, IV SGAE Jazz Award ceremony, Ciclo Concerts in the lobby at CaixaFòrum. (Barcelona).

He has participated in various recordings and also on radio and TV. In advertising, he collaborated with the writer Isabel-Clara Simó in the dissemination of the work El profesor de música. He recently collaborated on a record by the Cuban singer-songwriter Markia Sierra. Lately he is linked to the musical project Opus One that pays homage to Mike Oldfield and the publication of his first album, Tubular Bells.

He combines his interpretive side with teaching at the Lluís Soler i Ametller Municipal School of Music in Corbera de Llobregat where he teaches transverse flute, instrumental ensemble, musical language and musical awareness classes, as part of the management team. He is also a transverse flute teacher at the Musical Workshops of the Sociedad Coral la Unión de Cornellà de Llobregat. He was a teacher at the Roser Cabanas Municipal School of Music in Cornellà de Llobregat.

He has published an article on the pedagogy of the transverse flute in the Eufonia Music Didactics Magazine.


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