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opus one

the original sound and voices.

the spirit of mike oldfiel's music

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Opus One is an orchestra of contemporary instruments created to pay tribute to Mike Oldfield while celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of his first album, Tubular Bells, a key work for understanding the music of the last half of the century.

The originality of the Opus One proposal lies in the fact that it aims to offer an accurate interpretation, without anachronisms and that fully respects the spirit of the legendary 1973 recording.

After Tubular Bells, Opus One performs the most appreciated repertoire by Mike Oldfield's fans: a selection of songs from the albums Five Miles Out, Crises, Discovery, Islands and Earth Moving by the hand and voice of the singers What made them famous:

Maggie Reilly, Anita Hegerland and Barry Palmer.



Opus One is a musical initiative of Baridà Music, S.L.U.

Mike Oldfield is not personally involved and he will not participate in our concerts.

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Guest Artists


Amarillo Melocotón · Marc Vela
Núria Aguadé Fotografía
Pep N Via Fotografia
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Tubular Gold
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Sincrotró Alba de Barcelona


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